More About 4KIDS His Caring Place

Program Description:

The goal of 4KIDS His Caring Place is to provide a training ground for young women to achieve success in physical, educational, emotional, spiritual, social, and career goals while receiving acceptance and love during their unplanned pregnancies.

Program Criteria:

His Caring Place is designed for young ladies, first-time pregnant, ages 16-23 who have completed an intake interview, had the physician's form filled out, and filled out an application.


Our services are designed to take care of the everyday needs of the young moms that stay with us. Through these services, they are able to receive and understand how much God loves them, right down to the simple necessities of life. They are also equipped to break the cycle and move forward in confidence and stability.

We Provide:

  • Life skills classes
  • Case management
  • Transportation to select appointments
  • Prenatal Instruction and Birth Classes
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Academic Guidance
  • Residential and non residential support
  • Parenting classes
  • Single parenting and adoption counseling

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will medical care be provided?
    Yes. We will assist you in applying for Florida Medicaid to meet your insurance needs. We also have several local OBGYN practices and hospitals in the area so your pregnancy needs can be met.
  2. What if I'm not sure about my plans?
    It is perfectly normal to be unsure about your plans when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. 4KIDS His Caring Place supports young ladies who are choosing to parent or place for adoption. Our goal is to partner with you through the process and help you to create a successful plan for you and for your baby.
  3. Will I be able to work or go to school while I live there?
    Yes. In fact, working and attending school are requirements for staying in the program so that you can acquire the education and skills needed to provide for you and your baby's future. The case management team will help each young lady create a service plan that will help them accomplish their academic and career goals.
  4. What will I do while I'm there?
    Our goal is to help you safely complete your pregnancy, accomplish your educational and vocational goals, learn a variety of life skills, receive the love and support that you need, and discover God's plan for your life.
  5. What happens after my baby is born?
    Each young lady develops an aftercare plan throughout her stay in the maternity home, which can include, advancing to the aftercare program, reuniting with family, or living independently in the community.
  6. Can I have contact with my family?
    Yes. Visitation must be discussed in advance with the house parent, but families are always welcome to our monthly fellowship and other events.
  7. What is the policy on mail?
    Mail can be sent and received every day.
  8. What is the policy on phone calls?
    There is a house phone available to our residents every day. Personal cell phones must be turned in at night.
  9. Can I have visitors?
    Yes. The house parents or the director must approve all visitors and visits must take place during scheduled hours and times.

You are not alone:

We are here to provide you with the support you need to make it through this difficult time. Help is here for you!

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