Solving the Crisis

There is an orphan crisis in America today

A baby girl has just been removed from her home…a brother and sister need a safe home to mature and grow…a pregnant young girl has no place to go…and teenagers “age out of foster care” without a home or skills to face the world that beckons.

There is an orphan crisis in America today. Every day 4KIDS brings HOPE to the neediest in our community. Will you join us? Working together, we can solve this problem…one child at a time.

Here’s how 4KIDS works to solve the crisis  

4KIDS meets the child’s needs by demonstrating the love of God. Our goal is to protect, provide, and offer permanent solutions for the child and their families so they can have a hope-filled future.

From newborns to 17-year-olds, every child in Broward County who is brought into the Child Welfare system upon being removed from their families due to abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment, is given loving shelter and supervision at SafePlace while they await a more permanent placement.

The child placement agencies in Broward and Palm Beach County work with 4KIDS to place the child with a foster care family or at a family-style home that allows siblings to stay together while they await placement in a foster home or with a family member.

When foster children turn 18, they are handed a check as they exit the foster care system. Many have no family, no mentors, and no one to help them reach their educational or career goals. The 4KIDS Independent Living program fills in these gaps by giving these kids a roof over their heads and mentors to help guide them during this next stage of their lives.

The services 4KIDS provides work because of Partnerships with families, businesses, foundations, churches, and government agencies which are committed to providing community solutions for the modern-day orphan.

Join us! There are several ways you can Get Involved in providing HOPE for kids…in crisis!


Last year, 1,778 children, teens, and young adults experienced love, protection, and for many, a home and family. You provided over 109,000 safe and loving nights of care for kids. Across all 4KIDS programs and foster families 346,196 meals were served with love – thanks to you! Here’s what else you made possible:

1,078 children were given refuge at SafePlace Broward & Palm Beach.
238 foster families across 6 Florida counties served a total of 613 children in foster care.
225 moms and babies were impacted through our His Caring Place maternity homes, life skills classes & crisis calls.
260 young men and women received support and community through our Spirit of Success Institute.
397 children and families received counseling and training through 4KIDS EPIC Approach.